Your desires will become true

Your desires will become true

After 4 Exhibitions of real naked women in 2 countries which were visited by thousands of excited visitors, the author decided to publish the book ME, VOAYER – Life experience from creating world exhibition of real naked women. Or from debt to million for 18 hours. In that book he describes real story of creating world exhibition called VOAYER.

This year, Exhibition of real naked women took place in gallery – Gallery Dancing House, where every world artist wants to have his own exhibition. After 5 days of exhibition people had seen more than 70 real and naked women.

Author of book and exhibition Mario Petreje provided dozens of interviews, in which he had to answer whether if it is difficult to find models, if they do it voluntary, what criteria does he use to choose models or why he does not do men exhibition.

Everybody who knows about my exhibition asks me a question why I don´t do men exhibition. Now it is time to fulfil these requirements and offer people life experience and view on naked men. It is a great challenge for me. I feel like before first exhibition of real naked women in 2016. Back then I did not know if someone will come to see my exhibition. “explains author of exhibition his decision to make exhibition of naked men.

In two days of exhibition 17. – 18.11.2018, the desires of all who asked will fulfil. On three floors on Rubešova ulica 7 in Prague /DRIVE HOUSE/, VOAYER will show real naked men.


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